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Brushless Micromotor Marathon Multi 600
Without Tax: 476.65 EUR
With Tax: 586.28 EUR
MAGIS set Dephotforeze
Without Tax: 1,595.32 EUR
With Tax: 1,722.94 EUR
Ultrasonic washer 3L.
Without Tax: 130.74 EUR
With Tax: 160.81 EUR
Universal amalgam separator MD
Without Tax: 581.71 EUR
With Tax: 715.50 EUR
Ozone generator
Without Tax: 1,528.84 EUR
With Tax: 1,651.15 EUR
Trimming plaster  NEW model
Without Tax: 212.06 EUR
With Tax: 260.83 EUR
NEW, LED curing light LCP-1
Without Tax: 70.90 EUR
With Tax: 76.58 EUR
Without Tax: 225.68 EUR
With Tax: 277.59 EUR
Samaritan PAD 350 P
Without Tax: 1,100.77 EUR
With Tax: 1,188.83 EUR
Durr Dental CAS 1 amalgam separator
Without Tax: 1,536.95 EUR
With Tax: 1,890.45 EUR
Amalgam separator Multi System Typ 1
Without Tax: 1,322.95 EUR
With Tax: 1,627.22 EUR
Amalgam separator SIZE 2 Filter Max
Without Tax: 972.56 EUR
With Tax: 1,196.25 EUR
Universal amalgam separator MD
Without Tax: 581.71 EUR
With Tax: 715.50 EUR

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Available in our range of dental lab equipment are not simple accessories. The diversity of this offer is for you above all the possibility of complementary laboratory equipment.
The collection presented dental lab equipment are not the only ones that facilitate the preparation of models, but also those that allow for the efficient execution of the necessary actions, such as the works in acrylic, works in metal and surface finishing.
We also have full workstations for all technicians - modern, ergonomic and allowing for efficient working arrangement. We also offer the latest models of electric cutters to models pindex laser, sandblasters, as well as foundry induction.
The collection of these solutions, you will find projects most respected manufacturers in the industry.

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Gelovit 200-BEGO

Without Tax: 2,704.25 EUR
With Tax: 3,326.23 EUR

Product avaliable

Small steel Articulator

Without Tax: 3.31 EUR
With Tax: 4.07 EUR

Product avaliable

Elektropolerka-A dish of for the electrolyte to elektropolerki

Without Tax: 31.13 EUR
With Tax: 38.29 EUR

Product avaliable

Double Electric wax knife
POWER  20W - Set includes two handles work - Complete six different tipów - The ...

Without Tax: 57.39 EUR
With Tax: 70.59 EUR

Product avaliable

Full the former thermoforming , the built vacuum pump with adequate power , which provides ...

Without Tax: 114.40 EUR
With Tax: 140.71 EUR

Product avaliable

Double-layer foil forming hard-soft 3mm ERCOLOC-PRO 1 piece (square 12.7 cm x 12.7 cm).
Double plate P220 Double-layer Foil for forming hard - soft to exercise the caps on ...

Without Tax: 5.54 EUR
With Tax: 5.98 EUR

Product avaliable

Tiles0,5 mm matte hard not combine with acrylic 12 pieces (a square 12.7 cm x 12.7 cm).
P215 and P210 - Thin hard matte tiles do not combine with acrylic ; Purpose: ...

Without Tax: 4.86 EUR
With Tax: 5.98 EUR

Product avaliable

# Power of 100 watts # Adapted to connect the vacuum cleaner

Without Tax: 118.58 EUR
With Tax: 145.85 EUR

Product avaliable

Dental Polymerizer PS-2
Dental polymerizer PS-2 is designed to carrying out the polymerization of acrylic dentures under conditions ...

Without Tax: 598.24 EUR
With Tax: 735.84 EUR

Product avaliable

UV Curing Lamp

Without Tax: 85.80 EUR
With Tax: 105.53 EUR

Product avaliable


Without Tax: 490.27 EUR
With Tax: 603.03 EUR

Product avaliable

Heater melting wax

Without Tax: 20.43 EUR
With Tax: 25.13 EUR

Product avaliable

Disc cutter Technic USA
Trimmer Shield plaster models Technic USA

Without Tax: 15.56 EUR
With Tax: 19.14 EUR

Product avaliable

Gas burners Single
Connected to the gas cylinder hose 10 mm

Without Tax: 13.23 EUR
With Tax: 16.27 EUR

Product avaliable


Without Tax: 348.25 EUR
With Tax: 428.34 EUR

Product avaliable

Programat EP3010 200-240V / 50-60HZ

Without Tax: 6,962.00 EUR
With Tax: 8,563.26 EUR

Product avaliable

Electric saw to split models  TAG96
Saw for precise cutting of models shared with of gypsum each kind. Equipped with toothed ...

Without Tax: 1,420.22 EUR
With Tax: 1,746.87 EUR

Product avaliable

Cover large polishers

Without Tax: 42.80 EUR
With Tax: 52.65 EUR

Product avaliable


Without Tax: 100.58 EUR
With Tax: 123.72 EUR

Product avaliable

Flask the duplication in the agar
Flask the duplication in the agar made ​​of aluminum

Without Tax: 9.34 EUR 5.84 EUR
With Tax: 11.49 EUR 7.18 EUR

Product avaliable

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