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Samaritan PAD 500 P
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BMS-cutter with electrosurgical coagulation

Without Tax: 653.64 EUR 620.40 EUR
With Tax: 705.93 EUR 670.03 EUR

Manufacturer: BMS Italy
Model: BM1
Shipment:48 hours
Weight:0.00 kg
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Filter results high-frequency equipment. The device is intended for use in the medical services, dental, cosmetic (aesthetic), veterinary
and in the event of a minor surgical procedures.
Operation of up safe, accurate and solid. The knife has three different, separate programs of work:
-cutting of coagulation
Total safety for the patient and an excellent satisfactory result for the operator.
Potentiometer power.
Fires can be in 2 ways:
- Switch on the handle,
- Footswitch
8 in the set of electrodes E10, E11, E12, E13, E15, E28, E33, E35 (electrodes) with a tray capable of being sterilized in an autoclave to 127 degrees.
Voltage: 230 V 50/60 Hz
Protection: T 2x 1,6 A - 250V
MAX consumption: 120W
Power output: 50 Khz he 1500W: 50W ± 20%
This appliance is manufactured according to the design standards specified in the standard UNI EN ISO 9001. The device is in compliance with the CE marking and declaration of conformity is appropriate.
In dentistry, surgical knife is recommended for following procedures:

* Gingiwoplastyka (art gums)
* Plastic frenulum,
* Remove the hood gingival eights,
* Removal of polyps pulp
* Remove overgrowth of fibrous and small nodules,
Changes in mucous membranes
* Unveiling niewyrżniętych teeth for orthodontic reasons,
* Inhibiting bleeding, thrombosis,
* Coagulation of tissue

DIMENSIONS: 250x200x100 mm
Weight: 4 Kg
Warranty 24 months.
Packaging in the form of plastic handbags.
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BMS-cutter with electrosurgical coagulation

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